Friday, 12 September 2008

Busy Week and No Buses!

Have had such a busy week, but have managed to fit in some scrapping and cardmaking into the mix! Have been transporting my dear daughters around Crawley/Horsham in 'Mum's Taxi', and working two extra shifts at the shop, I managed to have a relaxing morning (and a scrummy sausage sarni) with my best mate Sharon and a much needed haircut to boot! Extra running about today as the bus strike has hit Jess' bus route to her new school. Think the whole of Crawley was driving their kids to school this am, as most of it was gridlocked! She is loving secondary and has all of a sudden grown up at least three years in the last week! Having a big family do this Sunday as mine and Jessie's birthday this week, looking forward to seeing family and catching up and putting my feet up .....

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