Friday, 19 December 2008

Am I ready, am I heck!!

No challenges today sorry, will be completing one or two tommorrow, if I can find the time. Am still trying to get organised for Thursday, how do people do it, they must be super-human! I still have all of the pressies to wrap and not much time to wrap them in as the girls are now home for the holidays..... Well the schools broke up today, bit of a sad day for us. A wonderful teacher called Mr H left today to take up a post at a secondary school (brave man!). He was a super teacher to Jess and great joke teller, will miss his sick jokes and cheerful smile every day..... Took Georgia to the local panto tonight, oh no you didn't, oh yes I did (sorry, had to get that one in). It was Aladdin with 3D flying carpets, snakes and boulders, great stuff! We had to ofcourse, buy the yearly light-up twirly thing, which cost a fortune, god I am beginning to sound like scrooge, hope I get some Christmas spirit soon, if not the liquid sort, ha ha. Well have a good weekend ladies, hoping your preparations are going better than mine, please pop back tommorrow as I will be uploading some more cards and maybe a challenge or two xxxxx


Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Heidi, I am sure you will be ready in time for thursday (oh no you wont, oh yes you will lol!!!!). Glad you had a great time at the panto, we are missing it out this year as there is no way Abbie will sit still for that long and I would feel really guilty if I took Oli and not her. I have just wrapped my last prezzies up tonight, so am all done now, good job really has have a really busy weekend and I am at work on xmas eve this year. speak soon
Lyndsey xx

The twins mum said...

Hi cuz' (short for cousin in Aussie land)I agree some people are just to orginized. I wish I was one of them. My prezzies are all wrapped thanks to my lovely hubby taking the kids out so I could do them. Now, if only the magic fairy could come along tidy up the garden and a spot of housework I would be completely finished, Like that's going to happen. NOT. Anyway back to it that silly fairy hasn't shown up yet
Love to all xxxx
Oh thanks for checking out my block and your kind comments I'm starting to like this blogging it's good for my ego.

Sue said...

well i'm just about all sorted your jealous now arn't ya? BUT i have got my cold back again:( ah well,at least all the shopping is done.

The panto sounded fun,will speak to ya before xmas

love and hugs