Monday, 17 January 2011

Well Done Colin!

Sorry had to be done, found this fabulously gorgeous photo of Colin Firth on my dear blogging buddy Sue's blog and had to pinch it, lol!

Congratulations to the lovely Mr Firth, who well deservedly won a Golden Globe last night for his portrayal of the King in 'A King's Speech'. Am so glad he has been recognised for his fabulous work. Have loved every film he has been in, and will always be my Mr Darcy!

If you get a change, go see the movie it is FANTASTIC!!!





Sharon Keanly said...

I TOTALLY agree with you... well done Colin!

Anonymous said...

lol whatever makes ya happy ;P There is an award on my blog for you

Stressed Stamper said...

sorry hun - I bagged him first...hands off
Sarah x

Jacilynn said...

drooling, I love mr Darcy.
Totally agree :)

Pami said...

Oh my god Heidi, you have just made my day. I have always loved Colin Firth! I might steal that photo! Pami x

Wishcraft said...

Ah great pic & great news, I love Colin Firth (and Mr Darcy lol!) :o) Lisa x

Donna Mosley said...

Totally agree with you Heidi, he's fab. Love the pic.

Donna x

debby4000 said...

Fingers crossed for the Oscars.