Friday, 29 April 2011

Congrats to Will & Kate

Congratulations to William & Katherine, what a wonderful wedding! Prince William looked so handsome and Katherine was absolutely gorgeous. I especially loved the chief bridesmaids dress, wow what a stunner she is too! Didn't love some of the awful hats or 'fascinators', you could probably pick up a satellite challenel or two from them, I do hope they kept their receipts, meow! I am a big hat lover so when my lovely girls get ready, I definately know what not to wear lol!

Anyway here is a photo of my gorgeous daughters complete with their Royal Wedding t-shirts! We have had a lovely lunch here and am off now to make some cards before our barbecue later.

Have a wonderful afternoon, hope you enjoyed the wedding too!





Claire x said...

Wasn't it just fab hun? I have to say I wasn't too impressed with some of the hats either LOL - half of them looked as though they were about to fall off their heads!! Love your daughter's t-shirts - have a fab day! Hugs, Claire x

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Heidi, glad you are having a really lovely day with your girls. Great pic. Agree with you about the daft hats, imagine being sat behind them. Enjoy your BBQ hun. Yummy!

Donna x

Vicky said... was the most gorgeous wedding and yes Will's looked delish in his uniform and Kate was a true princess..stunning!

and you are sooooo right about the hats lol..

your girls look fabulous in their t-shirts sweetie..and have a lovely afternoon..hugs Vicky xx

Wishcraft said...

Fab pic of your girls Heidi :o) You know, I think I must watch things with my eyes shut half the time - can't remember what any of the hats looked like! Although I did think the baldness that runs through the royal family was a little unfortunate every time they did a shot of Wills from above LOL. Enjoy your BBQ! Lisa x

Lou said...

Hi!Heidi,it was a really lovely wedding,gorgeous couple and they both looked so happy!!
Love the photo of your two girls,
have a great long weekend.
hugs Lou.xx