Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Bug Blues!

Firstly, big thanks to Debbie for the award, very kind of you to think of me. Have still to add this and the other two to my blog. Haven't been able to blog for a while, sorry ladies! Have been nursing two of my daughters. My eldest Amy, has a chest infection and is very poorly and is stuck in bed and secondly my youngest, Georgia was off of school with a sickness bug yesterday. I sent her back today, and was called to pick her up earlier as she had been sick at school. What a month, first of all Jess with the cough thing, then me and now the other two. Luckily, David is bug-free but is now away on a mega trip abroad leaving me with sick kids and a dodgy washing machine. Deep joy! Nevermind, Christmas is coming and I am getting into the spirit of things by wrapping pressies and making my cards. Must do some challenges as am getting itchy fingers, hope all of you are well, speak soon xxxx


Jill said...

aww Heidi I'm sending you a great big cyber hug hope the children get better soon, it can be very tiring for you when they are ill take care hugs Jill x

Justine said...

Hope you are all better soon Heidi....Justine x

Sue said...

Aww heidi i really hope you're all better soon darling,sending ya megga hugs,poor you it's been lingering on this nasty bug.Got your message when i got back, sorry i wasn't in darl,been out most of the day and will be out most of tomorrow too,will ring you very and hugs :-)


joey said...

Hi Heidi, sorry to hear you girls are poorly, wishing them both well very soon, always happens one gets something and everyone else goes down with it. hugs love joey.x