Wednesday, 5 May 2010

W O Y W W Week # 48

Molly Moo helping me craft!

Good afternoon, yeah its Wednesday again, keep thinking its Tuesday, lol! I am nearly not here today, I got into bed last night, next to a snoring David and was greeted on my wall, by the largest spider I have ever seen outside of the zoo! It would have definately have swallowed me whole and after the whole house got woken up, the spider is no more. What a brave hubbie I have, lol!

To my WOYWW . I had so much fun going around all of the lovely ladies from WOYWW last week and have met some wonderful peeps, who are just as mad as me, lol! Thanks to all who left me such lovely comments, I think I managed to get around to all of you.

To start with, here is my Molly who lives on my desk and makes crafting on there sometimes impossible! She can watch the pigeon's in our garden from my desk and often knocks everything off, when she makes a quick dash to catch them, lol!

Here is the photographic proof that I did spend all of the the bank holiday, clearing up my craft room. I haven't included the before's as my room was a complete mess and a total embassessment!

As you can see, I do have a lot of stash (only a few boxes). I am ashamed to admit that I am an addict! A paper addict. I have named and shamed myself, there is no hope for me, give me a fresh new piece of lovely paper and I am gone! Stroking and smelling is compulsary, especially with Cosmo Cricket and My Mind's Eye, lol!

My ever expanding papers boxes and Christmas stamp draw.

My wooden stamp draw, recently purchased papers and ribbon overspill.

On my desk, my Copic's & Promakers, images for my DT cards, a couple of finished cards, new basket for my cardstock.

My Magazines, all in date order (how sad!)

Right had better go blog hopping, then get some lunch, am hoping my eldest Amy will offer to make me one lol! Enjoy your Wednesday, thanks for popping by and listening to my rants.

Enjoy your Wednesday afternoon!

luv & hugs




Lisa Jane said...

oh wow ... i love it all lol.. just had my lunch - on my knee of course as you can't possibly eat anything off the dining room table !!
My cat is the same as yours - she love sitting on paper ! and normally the piece you want to use!
Enjoy the rest of the day
Lisa ;)

Jan said...

Love Molly Moo :) Great storage and organization :)

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

wowsers! brilliant pictures, I love your crafty helper, too cute! I cant believe all those boxes, oh how I would love a rummage in them! I am sooooo with you on the cosmo cricket and my minds eye, and then there is basic grey, sassafass, pink paislee.....can you tell I am a fellow addict too! have a wonderful week, hugs mandyxx

Wipso said...

What a fab lot of boxed stash. You are so organised.
A x

Hazel (Didos) said...

ooooohhhhhhhhh I wanna come play. I am loving the tidy crafty space. Ohh and a wee helper too. Molly Moo is so sweet. Messy Jessy sometimes helps me by weeing on stuff she doesn't like!!! LOL Hope all is well today, Love Hxoxox

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

So nice to have help from the cat :) ooh gotta watch out for huge spiders!
Anne x

Candace said...

wow wow oh wow

Where do I start?

So much stash to look at, how on earth do you deceide what to use?

Can x

kelly said...

OH! Not fair such alot of lovely stash! Would love to come and play!!

I too have the stroking of new paper addiction, it is not madness just has to be done!! :)

Nine said...

Des boites, des boites, des boites et un adorable chat, j'adore ! See you next week ;-D

Pam said...

oh all that stash you lucky thing. Pam x

Clare *Littlebear* said...

I thought I had a few storage boxes but they are nothing compared to yours!
Clare x

Julia Dunnit said...

You're in good company - paper addiction is a pre-requisite! And better still, no-one expects you to get over it. Although I must say, you do have a lot more than me!! Love your space - so neat and organised too.

Sue said...

oh lovely piccie, lovely craft storage, funny how our animals like to help,sue.x

Spyder said...

oh my goodieness!!!! all those useful boxes, don't they look them all up next week!! Looks like you cat has found a cat!He's checking it out to see if you've coloured it right!

Jenni said...

So organised!! Good looking assistant too :o)
Jenni x

Sue said...

What an organised crafter Heidi, oh please come to my house and tidy up my other two desks, one is covered in papers the other well it's a dumping ground until I can find homes for things, love the cat, my cat used to come up to play but there is no room left!!! Have a fab week, happy crafting, Sue xx

Sue said...

What an organised crafter Heidi, oh please come to my house and tidy up my other two desks, one is covered in papers the other well it's a dumping ground until I can find homes for things, love the cat, my cat used to come up to play but there is no room left!!! Have a fab week, happy crafting, Sue xx

Helen said...

Oh my, I love all those boxes, I want to take all the lids off and look inside..

Linda Elbourne said...

Don't be ashamed ... stand tall ... walk proud ... there is nothing wrong with the odd addiction :0) Not that collecting paper is odd ... Doh! ... You know what I mean :0)

Jennifer said...

Wow, your've been busy! I love your little helper, what would we do without them? Maybe more crafting? lol!
See you and your desk next week.
Jen x

She said...

Great crafty space and I love MollyMoo! S xx

Claireliz said...

what a heroic hubby, mine would have snored & told me to leave the spider there. great craft space too,

Pascale said...

Great array of storage and stash Heidi hugs Pascale

Glen said...

Ooo...lots of luvverly stash. Unlike mine, yours is very tidy. Would love to have a rummage in your stamp boxes. *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

Vicki said...

ooh wow you have been so busy!!!! great storage xx

Anonymous said...

Great space and congrats on the tidying. I've got 3 days off coming up and I intend to be inspired by you.

thanks for sharing.


Good morning Heidi, wow what a great crafting space you have hunny and so much crafting stash too!!!! i love the fact you collect paper too just like me, smelling and stroking at it. Sad but someone has to, huh? Hope all is well your end my friend, im still catching up from my time at Shepton Mallet, not sure ill ever be on top of things! have a great day, hope to catch up properly soon, hugs Linda x

Angie said...

How come some cats are do dainty pawed and others so clumsy??? Molly Moo looks alot like our 'Cow Cat' ...aka Buffy the Rat Slayer ...from behind that is lol. Love your organized area ...mind you I'd love it messy. When can I come and play? lol.

I put EVERYTHING before house work but I love cooking and dont mind washing xx

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Darling sorry I'm late I have been having such problems getting on the blogs , its seems blogger doesn't like me much these days
Anyway I'm here now and your desk is looking great and very productive too, wow you have showed us loads this week great photos
Hugs Susie xx

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Lots of lovely boxes full of fab stash...very organised!!

My magazines are in order too!!


Tracy Evans said...

Molly Moo is gorgeous. Magazines, in date order now that is organised Love the storage, very organised. Thanks for the nose around, Tracy Evans x x

Julia said...

What a gorgeous kitty cat, Molly Moo is a cutie and a great crafting space too. Jay xx

Nicki (LittleTed) said...

Hi hun, hope you're not too exhausted after sorting out all your papers - what a huge collection! Love your dinky little tote with your copics and markers in, it's so cute!

Big hugs, Nicki, xx

Penni said...

Love all your stash, and your little helper too of course!!


Penni said...

Love all your stash, and your little helper too of course!!


Ann said...

I love to nose around everyone's craft space, and all your photos make it easy. You have LOADS of stash!! How do you find exactly what you are looking for? You must be very organised.

Paula Gale said...

Hello Heidi - this is the first time i've visited you on WOYWW - and have really enjoyed my visit. I didn't go round the desks last week (well nearly the week before) as I was in hospital - I did blog my hospital table tho... thats dedication!!! LOL.

Love Molly Moo - she looks so soft and fluffy - i'll get my girls in a shot one of these days

Paula x x x

p.s. hope your hubby feeling better.