Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Good morning, it's Wednesday again, so that means time to share your stash and workdesks in Blogland. To join in this madness every Wednesday, pop on over to Julia @ Stamping Ground and leave your blog details so that we can come and see yours lol!

Look, my desk is sooooo tidy, yes it does make a change, I love to work in chaos! On my desk, one very tidy tote, one quite tidy basket, LC stamp basket and my mat is clear, lol! I have had a card-free week this weekend, have been enjoying having my hubs back at home after nearly a month working abroad, so now he is going back to work today, am off to try and do some cards. It may take me a while, as I burnt my fingers on the iron yesterday and as the photo shows, they are dressed at present, I have to go back to the hospital to have them re-dressed today, but am determined just to craft in some way.

I went to the Brighton craft show last week with my friend, the super lovely Cary and we had a fun time. I also saw loads of lovely blogging ladies and some old friends. I did buy quite a few nice craft bits, here are just three of which below. Forgot to show you the lovely Aquamarker set that I go too, havent had chance to play with them yet, so watch this space!

My last picture is of my lovely girlie Georgia who took her Promise at Guides this Monday, I just love this photo of her, she is growing up so fast, she will be turning eleven in two weeks time. She is so proud of her Guide Promise badge.

Right, off to the hospital, have a lovely day crafty peeps, take care!





Sharon Keanly said...

Oh wow Heidi... those fingers look damn sore... yikes!!! I can just feel your pain!!! Good luck hun. And doesn't little Georgia look absolutely stunning. She's really growing up as you say, a little beauty. Love the longer hair. hugs Sharon x

Padster said...

Ouch wince and squirm - those fingers look sooooooo hurty! Great pic of your DD I don't know where the time goes
Debbie xx

Lisa Jane said...

nice tody desk lo.. but make sure you tke care of those fingers.. well done Georgia .. i was a Queen's guide - so think its a great thing to do
Lisa ;)

Craftyanny said...

omg Heidi
How on earth did you manage that??
They must be sooooooooooo painful
Anne x

Debbie said...

Oh bless you Heidi, that must be sore.Hope your fingers are better soon.Get better soon.Lovely photo of your daughter-proud moment.Take care.Debbie x

Kate said...

#1 Ouch!!

#2 Let us know how you get on with that birdcage die, how well does it cut, are the bars too thin for shaping etc

#3 Snap! My DD took her promise on Friday night at guides.

** Kate **

FairyD said...

Oh Heidi.....a point for future reference....use someone else's hands (preferably your OH's) to test if the iron is hot!!!!!!!! ;o)

Hope your fingers heal quickly..xx

Gayle x

maxine said...

Hi Heidi you poor thing I hope it's not too painful and all went well at the hospital. I hope you have been able to do some crafting, you have all of those lovely new goodies to play with.
hugs maxine x

Anonymous said...

Tidy desk Heidi, and see what ironing does to you!! It's just sooo not worth it! Can't imagine burning my fingers that badly, must have hurt like hell! Lovely pic of Georgia, huge change in her from the photo on your side bar with her teddy!

Brenda 100

Julia Dunnit said...

Crikey Heidi, you sure did yourself some damage - ohh poor you.Aggers. What's in the little red box then? And Georgia has every right to be proud, and ain't she gorgeous!

jude said...

Wow Heidi,
Thats looks painful hunni,do hope they werent too painful went you went back to hospital.Your daughter looks lovely your right to be proud of her,enjoy they grow up so fast!
Happy wednesday take it easy with the fingers.
hugs judex22

Carola Bartz said...

Ouch!!! Those poor fingers! I hope that they don't hurt too much and that you can get back to crafting real soon.

Susan said...

Ouch! What in the world were you ironing for? lol! Take care of yourself. Hope your fingers are better soon.
Susan xxox #13

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Oh no!! Hope your fingers heal quickly and completely! Love the photo of the black kitty, I have one, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sue #21

Helen said...

Cripes, that was some burn with the iron. See, I knew there was a good reason I rarely do any.... hope your fingers recover soon (and enjoy your new playthings!)

Nicki (LittleTed) said...

Oh Heidi sweetie, your poor hand!! Hope the pain is not too horrible, and I hope you can still do some crafting - I bet your dressings end up covered in ink and glitter!!

Hugs, Nicki, xx

MaggieC said...

How painful! I always said ironing is dangerous. Love the picture of Georgia, she looks stunning. You must be very proud of her.

Nicky said...

Ouch to the fingers - bet you said oh deat that hurt!! Hope they are mended soon - looks like you got some lovely goodies down in Brighton - Your daughter looks lovely with her Guide Promise badge I was a guide leader many years ago - a great organistation to be involved in ~ Nicky no.6

Wishcraft said...

Oh no, your poor fingers Heidi! The ironing's just not worth all that pain! Hope you're ok. Lovely pic of your daughter :o) Lisa x

okienurse said...

WOW Heidi those fingers look painful! I hope they get better soon! I can remember bridging to scouts it was such a somber occasion. Makes you feel grown up. Thanks for sharing.
Vickie #30

Spyder said...

ouch ouch!! poor you Heidi! (At leastyou're being very grown up and not drawing smiley or sad faces on them (Like I did when my finger was in a spilt! Get well soon fingers!

(Lyn) Happy WOYWW #66

The twins mum said...

OH MY GOSH! You silly bugger and here I thought my week was bad! There is only one solution NO MORE IRONING! Go wrinkled for a
All is ok this side no-one has hurt themselves this week! Stuart is stuck at work due to yet another cyclone and to top it off some nasty person (clean version for blog) stole our credit card details so I haven't been able to go shopping hance I haven't been in a very good or crafting mood :(
Your desk is clean, What's going on!!!!!
Hope to catch you over the weekend
Say a big howdy to everyone
xxxxxx and one for those fingies x

peggy aplSEEDS said...

so sorry to hear you hurt your fingers. you sound quite cheerful in spite of it. good for you to keep your spirits up. lovely daughter. yes indeed, they grow up soooo quickly!