Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My Favourite Cards from 2015 - Part # 1

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of wonderful presents?
I was very spoilt, lots of lovely gifts from my three favourite shops : Pandora Next and The Body Shop.  I then went to the sales and got myself a few Next bargains and a Tassimo Coffee Maker, which has been on my list for some time now.
Am sharing six of my favourite makes from this year and the next six tomorrow.  I have chosen a wide range of images, some Little Claire, Hobby Art and Stampendous.  I do hope you have liked the cards I have chosen.
Firstly, from January :
Lots of bunting and a sweet little image from Little Claire called :
'Balancing Act'
I loved all of the purple-ness lol!
A  male themed card using both a Little Claire image and alphabet set
'In a while' stamp and 'Manphabet' letter/number set
It is a great stamp to colour in and love the alphabet shapes.
Lots of sheep, not just in my sleep!
'Daisy the Sheep' Dinky stamp
Including one black sheep, because there is always one in the family.
A Hobby Art set - Commemorative
A great set to keep and remember and the poppies are a joy to colour in and cut out.
Fifth and one of my favourite sets from the year,
another from Little Claire -
'March Flowers' stamp set
A beautiful image, which looks great in any combination of colours.
and lastly, number # 6
A lovely stamp from 'Stampendous' 'Feathers' - a card that I made for The Craft Barn Summer Extravaganza that I demoed at.
A very quick and easy card and was pleased that the ladies loved it enough to buy all of the stamps in the shop.
Ok that's my first six, back tomorrow with the rest from the year.
Thank you for stopping by and any comments left.

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