Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Grumpy old woman seeks mini-eggs!

Evening ladies, I am officially a 'Grumpy Old Woman' this evening. I am having such a busy week, trying to catch up on all of the washing still. I think my neighbours unload theirs onto me, where does it all come from? I have been working again and trying to complete my scrapbook page for my full class tommorrow evening, so please bear with me my dear blogging pals, not enough hours in the day to complete the three cards for challenges that I have on the go. To add to my stress, I was goiing out to my crafting pal's this eveniing but my little bubby, Georgia has come home from school with a temperature, she has just gone to bed full of Calpol, is now asleep and fingers crossed, much better. David is sunning himself (actually working, better put that, he looks at my blog, whoops!) in South Africa so the week is dragging and there is a large packet of mini-eggs (I love them more than air) in my breadbin that have been calling to me all evening. You will be proud of me, I haven't touched them yet, so they can just keep calling, I will be strong! Am on a mission to complete my cards by Thursday am, so please pop back and look-see what I have managed to create. Hoping you are all having a less hectic week? Love, hugs and mini-eggs from Heidi xxx


Lyndsey Marie said...

Oh dear Heidi sounds like your really fed up. I have a pile of ironing that keeps calling me, hubby did all the washing and drying last week while I was bad, but didnt do the ironing. If I was you I would def go and get those mini eggs and enjoy the whole packet all to myself.
Lyndsey xx

Anonymous said...

Gone on Heidi we won't tell if you eat the eggs, you obviously need some form of comfort to confront the ironing and to make up for not being in the sun. Hope little one is better soon

Sue said...

aww heidi darl,slow down girly,ya won't do yourrself any favours runing around like a mad Get your scrapping sorted first and blogging when you can fit it in,we all understand you're very busy.

Hope Georgia is better in the morning,give her a hug from me and Becks,ok ok you can have one too:)

Now go and eat them eggs:-)

love and hugs


The twins mum said...

Hey, Heidi send some eggs my way. I could do with some too. I'm having a crap (bad) week myself. big kisses to Geogia hope your feeling better soon sweetie. Hi David
Love to you all


Oh Heidi, i am so sorry to hear you are feeling fed up hunny. I wish i could email you and we could chat, damn internet. I am looking forward to your snail mail. Not much longer before hubby is back and then you will feel complete again. Mind you no doubt he'll bring you back some more of that lovely washing, your enjoying so much right now!! i didn't realize, thats whats been happening to me too! im doing my neighbours washing as well as mine!!!!!! ha! ha! I have no tumble dryer at the moment so its a total nightmare. Oh hunny i would have definitely eaten those mini eggs by now, you are obviously stronger willed than me. Well speak soon and extra big hugs Linda x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Heidi, me again there is a little something on my blog for you.
Lyndsey xx

Sarah said...

Aaaww Heidi! I hope you have had a better day today. Hope your little one is feeling much better today xx