Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

I couldn't believe the news when I first heard it here on the web. I then turned on BBC world news and they confirmed it. I have always loved his music and have all of his cd's. This picture is how I am going to remember him, I can remember when I first heard 'Thriller', the whole of the night club where I was at the time, went berserk. I have never got bored of hearing it and my daughters play my cd's all of the time. Whether you loved him or hated him, he was a musical genius and personally, his music defined my growing-up years. xx


Jenni said...

I agree with you there Heidi, his music will always take me back to my teenage years and I also prefer to remember him in his pre-surgery persona.
Jenni x

Katie-Louise Oakley said...

I love 'Uncle Jacksons' music and I am only 23. I used to call him 'Uncle' as I couldnt pronounce Michael. RIP x

Mandi said...

Isnt it sad...completely gutted today

mandi xx

Emma said...

Hi Heidi
Totally agree...genius if a bit strange.
Hope you are having a fab wk end.
Emma x

Sandra said...

I had to comment on this...always loved Michael Jackson's/Jackson 5 music,like you listened to it in my teens and still continue to your choice of photo,it's how i will remember him too...
Take care
San x